Consumer Law Attorney in Miramar Beach, FL

Consumer law attorneys at The Foster Firm investigate consumer claims involving schemes and fraudulent activities among several industries including health care and life insurance fraud and auto industry fraud across Florida.

We are looking into cases of fraud among several industries. Under the False Claims Act, the whistleblower is entitled to a percentage of the recovery when a case is proven in court. Below are samples of common schemes and fraudulent activities currently being investigated.

Health care fraud

We are looking into cases of fraud within the health care industry to include: self-funded and pharmacy insurance plans, pricing, off-label prescriptions and other health care abuse. Third Party Administrators and Pharmacy Benefit Managers may have been charging unauthorized fees to self-funded insurance health and pharmacy benefit plans, which is in violation of the contracts and a breach of fiduciary duty under ERISA.

Auto industry fraud

We are working on class claims involving the fraudulent representations concerning insurance coverage on rental cars by rental agencies as well as numerous auto defect class actions against many major automobile manufacturers. These cases continue to be filed because of corporate misconduct in designing and manufacturing unsafe vehicles that are purchased by consumers, corporations and state agencies. We continue to investigate these automobile problems, including purchased rental insurance from major car rental companies. You may have a valid legal claim that would merit class relief treatment. Contact this office.

Life insurance fraud

We have uncovered alleged fraudulent accounting practices by the insurance companies concerning premium increases. The accounting method may result in the policyholder being charged excessive premiums. A client that has a life insurance policy and has been notified of a substantial increase in premium payments, or if they have been told their policy's 'cost of insurance' has increased, they may have a valuable legal claim that our firm would like to investigate.


We are handling claims related to the violation of federal and state antitrust laws. Current claims allege a wide array of anticompetitive conduct, including illegal tying, exclusive dealing, monopolization and price fixing.