Family Law Attorney in Miramar Beach, FL

Family law practice group at The Foster Firm in Miramar Beach, FL, is headed by Jessica Steele. Jessica is a former family law attorney for the Florida Department of Children and Families. She can help you in any of the following family law matters.


Going through a divorce is an emotionally taxing experience. The legal system can be cumbersome and confusing to those going through a dissolution of marriage, who don't otherwise have exposure to the courtroom. Make sure you have the best possible advocate to meet your needs in a holistic fashion. Ms. Steele is someone you can trust with her knowledge basis, zealous advocacy, and team approach to a resolution. She will make sure to explain your rights, the process and any legal strategy in a way you will understand, so that you remain empowered and in control of the direction of your case.

Child custody and visitation

These are two legal areas where an out-of-the-box approach can work wonders, since every family is different. Children grow up best when two healthy parents are involved. Whether you are seeking child custody or visitation due to a divorce, break-up, or simply because you have never established your rights, Ms. Steele is well acquainted with those aspects of the legal system and can cater to the nuances of your individual case.

Child and spousal support

Every parent has a responsibility to financially support their children and generally, the amount of child support to be paid/received is delineated by the Florida Child Support Guidelines. Ms. Steele has the tools necessary to calculate the guidelines and to inform you on your case in an expeditious manner. Ms. Steele can also advise you on spousal support and fight on your behalf for a fair amount, when the option is legally available.


Life changes happen. Ms. Steele is here to make sure you know what your legal options are and to help you decide your best course of action.